A Word from Jim McKeague: On this site are four pages – just click on the relevant name below or in the menu above.  They are:

♥  Marie-Anne Lenormand, the Parisian Prophetess : a brief biography of the renowned card-reader, sometimes called the “greatest fortune-teller of all time.”

♣  Flammermont’s Court Case : a legal paper’s report of a Paris court case of 1844 involving Mademoiselle Lenormand’s estate, which uncovered many interesting details of her life.

♦  The Napoleon-Josephine Divorce Prophecy : Mademoiselle Lenormand’s actual reading of Napoleon’s natal chart, containing one of her most famous prophecies, the prediction of his divorce; and an analysis of how she knew.

♠  The Edinburgh Letters : a cache of letters written by Mademoiselle Lenormand to a friend and client, uncovered in a police raid in Edinburgh in 1839, and used as evidence in a famous Scottish trial.  Included is the story of Lenormand’s extraordinary “Chart of Canada.”

Please don’t feel hurt if I do not reply –  I am not operating this site as a blog.  But yes, do contact me if you feel you have something important to say on the true history of Marie-Anne Lenormand.

Lenormand - illustration from Goodrich